About The Company

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Scales with advance technique and experience of 25 years in making weighing apparatus, It is a specialized kind of scales have won good sales in the market. Based on the market-orinented principle, we have developed electronic scales, mechanical scales and so forth to meet the diversified needs of the customers. All of our products are famous for fine quality and competitive price as well as attractive designs. Our vigorous R&D team is devoted to exploring advanced technology aiming at user-friendly and original products. And our factory is equipped with all modern facilities.

The information provided at this catalogue is intended to present an overview of our products. If you feel like having more details about the Scales or Accessories, please contact us any time. Our business department will make prompt response to your comments and interests in our existing models as well as “OIML” standard M1 & M2 class manufacturing. You will feel assured that our professional service will facilitate your work.

Accuracy, durability, competitive price, prompt delivery and good service are our final goals.

Our main products including :Table-top scale, Platform scale, Weighing indicator, Capacitive mini-scale, etc.

Weighing Idea

Innovation is a key to success and at PRINCE it has become almost a passion to transform innovative ideas into reality. Prince weighing scales are developed to the ultimate. Accuracy & Quality through state-of-the-art machinery and hard work of motivated team of experienced technocrats made it possible that quality and accuracy finely blend together.

Since quality is a costly affair, every care has been taken to ensure that each scale rolled out of the unit is perfect to the tiniest detail. This world class Weighing Scale which combines durability with accuracy, design and comfort in a way that is unique.

Prince Weighing Scales are highly accurate with low maintenance, use friendly and available in variety of capacity and graduation. After all it is a product from Prince Scale Industries.